Linda Evans and The Art of Aid

by Sandra Stillman Gartner

A few years ago, The Brandon Artists’ Guild of Vermont sent out a call to their members. The annual fundraiser theme for the year was‚ “Reigning Cats and Dogs”. Artist Linda Evans, a member of the guild and a proud owner of two Greyhounds, headed to the drawing board. She created an art deco picture in colored pencils that incorporated Greyhounds into the theme. The dogs were present but imbedded within the drawing.

Judy McGovern, who is the head of Greyhound Pets of America in Louisiana, has a summer home at Lake Dunmore, not far from the Brandon Artists’ Guild. She was so enthralled with Linda’s picture, that she bought the original off the wall of the gallery. With ten Greyhounds of her own, Judy was an avid dog lover like Linda and her husband Ron. She had the couple over for tea and the three of them became close friends.

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Leland's Quantum Leap

by Ron Evans

The decision Linda and I have made to share our lives with Greyhounds was no leap at all for Kings, Queens, and families of privilege during the period in human history marked by the writings of the bible verses, the Roman and Egyptian empires and the construction of the world's Seven Wonders. The Greyhound was at the pinnacle of civilization's most honored inhabitants, second only to the male lion. These elegant, loyal and highly evolved quadrupeds earned a place in the scriptures of the day, guarded the valuable treasures on earth, and transcended human frailty to glimpse beyond.

So when, on that sunny and welcoming day back in 1994, we decided extemporaneously to wander up the road to enjoy and idyllic Vermont summer along the shores of Lake Champlain in Burlington, we had no clue this would be a life-altering experience.

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"An Emphatic Whisper"

Leland's Quantum Leap - Part II

By: Ron Evans

By the summer of 2010, Leland and Emilee had been retired and living with us for 5 years. For as many winters, they and we had packed three months worth of artist materials, clothing, greyhound toys and a few select "odd job" hand tools, into a little copper colored Honda Fit and made our way south from the banks of the Mill River in central Vermont to the comfort and contemplative environs that are sub-tropic central Florida. It seemed like only yesterday that Leland made that "Quantum Leap" that brought both he and Emilee into our lives and into the hearts of so many.

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About the Artist

Linda Kiracofe Evans is a design artist, making her home and studio in the Historic Kingsley Grist Mill of East Clarendon, Vermont. With undergraduate concentration in both art education and printmaking, and graduate studies in studio art and design, Linda has had the opportunity to work with such notables as artists Clas Oldenberg, David Flaharty,and Anna Held Audette.

Linda is the creator of the cloisonne colored pencil technique. By layering colors and trapping them in fine outline, she weaves them among the wonders of both architecture and nature, forming designs rich with color and iconic beauty.

A deep love of the Greyhound dog is a recent focus in her work, bringing Linda recognition as the nation's foremost Greyhound Design Artist.

By integrating her appreciation of architectural & natural forms, Linda’s creativity guides her to produce the artwork she has always envisioned, at her beautiful “Art on the River Studio”, located in the Historic Kingsley Grist Mill in Central Vermont. Through 30 years of preservation with husband Ron, this National Historic Site has been showcased in numerous publications and media including; The Boston Globe, Vermont Magazine, F.H.B. Deck and Patio Idea Book, and The Today Show.

Linda K. Evans
Historic Kingsley Grist Mill
Linda Kiracofe Evans
2964 East Street
North Clarendon VT 05759