Chasing Woodstock

Vermont author Ron Evans breaks new ground with his first non-fiction adventure. Chasing Woodstock is a must have for the coffee table of "hippies" from every generation ( millennial to boomer ) with visually exciting content and more than 100 exclusive photos.

Inspired by a simple act of kindness, a rare artifact and an insatiable thirst for discovering the truth behind Americas untenable loss of domestic tranquility, the author will take you on the quest of a lifetime.

Most of the legendary performers who launched their careers at Yasgur's Farm in August of 1969 never knew of the lost playlist and program for this historic event - until the author introduced it to them. Their reactions were priceless and sometimes shocking.

"Chasing Woodstock" will open your eyes and challenge long held misconceptions. You will go backstage, on stage, off stage and into the dressing rooms of the greatest recording artists of a generation including The Who, Crosby, Still & Nash, Joe Cocker, Arlo Guthrie and so many more. Chasing Woodstock will share back stories and never before granted interviews, taking the reader on a journey of innocence lost and renewed hope.

  • Chasing Woodstock: ISBN#978-0-9914166-0-8

  • Genre: Non-fiction

  • Binding: Soft Cover

  • Page count: 250

  • Format: Full color w/150+ photos

  • Trim size: 8"X10"

  • Publisher: EupraxMedia

  • US SRP: $25.95

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About the Author

Ron Evans is a Vermont historic preservationist, A.C.S.M. board certified exercise physiologist and freelance writer. He is a graduate of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio where he studied english literature under professor emeritus and author Milton White while learning football strategy with legendary coach Bo Schembeckler. Graduate studies include Columbia and Miami Universities. Ron and his design artist wife Linda K. Evans live in the historic Kingsley Grist Mill with their two adopted greyhounds Emilee & Tully.

Ron has written articles for CG Magazine, Vermont Magazine, The American Federation of Women Bodybuilders and This is his first book.

Ron Evans
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